Come Visit Us: 647 Irving St. at 8th Ave., San Francisco, CA 94122 // Tue. – Sat. 10:30am to 5:30pm // 415.566.8550

SFWA Gallery

Welcome to the San Francisco Women Artists Gallery! On view are glassworks by Mary Albert and Denise Barnhart.


Contemporary artisan collections of locally designed jewelry, featuring textural and gleaming surfaces in sterling silver, bronze, and copper. Bead designers work in vibrant, colorful stones, beads and metals. Visit the Gallery often to view the latest arrivals ~ captivating and perfect for gifts. Jewelry seen is by Jean Ng, Cynthia Darling and Bettina Schneider.

Sculpture & Ceramic Arts

A journey awaits you, from whimsical totems to figurative works. Collections of vases, mugs, bowls and plates, finished in an array of glazes, stains, and fired raw clay. Explore our unique kiln-form glass creations. Add to or start your own collection with a specialty design by a SFWA artisan. Ceramic works shown are by Nina Saltman.

SFWA Online Gallery Store

Peruse and shop our compelling artworks, sculpture, jewerly and ceramics. 

Color-drenched, textured ceramics: Terrie Raphael, Catherine Merrill, Katie Dauser
New Membership Applications are Invited

Become a Member of the SFWA Community

San Francisco Women Artists, a historic nonprofit arts organization, continues to support and promote the talents of Bay Area artists, provides exhibition opportunities and offers an inviting space for the community to experience art. SFWA welcomes all Bay Area artists and remains firmly committed to promoting equity in the arts for all people.

The SFWA Gallery, located in the City’s vibrant Inner Sunset, features contemporary art, hand-crafted jewelry, ceramics and glass art.

Your membership in SFWA brings you into its active and supportive art community, exhibits your work in monthly themed shows showcasing juried art, holds various events for networking, and also offers affordable wall space rental for individual shows of multiple works. Your membership also affords you the opportunity to volunteer, gaining experience and knowledge in gallery operations, a variety of contemporary art mediums, and art sales techniques.

Scholarships are available to art students and Bay Area artists.

To Our Community

Together, we can help move America toward a more just and equitable future. As an organization that appreciates and values our humanity, it is more important than ever that we as artists, creatives, and citizens be active participants in the struggle against bigotry, violence and hatred in any form.

The San Francisco Women Artists community stands in solidarity with those demanding an end to racial, economic and social injustice, particularly an end to systemic racism, an original sin of our nation’s long history.

We believe that Art both mirrors and elevates human experience and is thus a potent force in shaping culture. Through its potential to foster deeper understanding, through its courageous challenge to perceptions, and through a forging of deep human relatedness, Art can be one path to lead us to a more just world.

Committed to a sustained effort to foster positive social change through art, SFWA has throughout its over century history been at the forefront, challenging cultural and social paradigms. All peoples, their cultures, and their art contribute to the meaning and understanding of our humanity and should be honored and celebrated.

Resolving deeply ingrained patterns and structures of inequality will take sustained attention and dedication. Let’s do it together!

Artist Spotlight

Interview with Cynthia Darling

Cynda, our Summer 2024 MYEEP Intern at SFWA Gallery, has interviewed Cynthia Darling, a talented artist for SFWA. Cynda asked Cynthia about her passion for

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SFWA History

‘Historic’ SFWA

  SFWA wishes to express our deepest gratitude to all those who are helping to ensure that our historic San Francisco Women Artists continues to

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Juror's Choices

July Juror Choices

Juror Donna Natsoulus has selected these three artworks for Juror’s Choices in the Illuminations Exhibition. Elaine Pratt, We are Stardust, Mixed Media, 30.5x21x1.5″. Nancy Graeber,

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