Janice Rumbaugh- Gallery Director

The Power of DIY: For myself and many friends, SFWA has been a consistent, welcoming and supporting artistic community for us as local artists over decades. A gallery where we can exhibit and engage the public while we sell our artwork, establish meaningful friendships, and be competitive- taking us out of the isolation of our studios. Its exhibition opportunities are plentiful, and our current gallery location is an example of the power of coming together. We have this beautiful space and organization because of the women who came before us, and I am dedicated to continuing this opportunity to our younger women artists, so that it can be here for them also. We ask for your support of SFWA, because art is a powerful tool to find respite and encouragement, but it needs to be shared with others – our community. *Small partial artwork behind Janice is artwork by Ed Hardy, larger partial artwork by JR.