Artist Spotlight – Kelly Page

Cynda, our Summer 2023 MYEEP Intern at SFWA Gallery, has interviewed Kelly Page, the Membership and E-Commerce director and talented artist member at SFWA. Cynda asked about her most rewarding accomplishments, her artistic practice, how she promotes herself, her passion for art, and its purpose:

“I would say the most rewarding aspect of being the Membership/E-Commerce Director is witnessing the impact our gallery is able to have on our community of artists. SFWA provides a space for our members to enter their work into our shows where it is viewed by prominent jurors in the art community.” She states that “the most exciting aspect is to be able to meet and greet artists of all walks of life. I enjoy sharing the gallery’s history, as well as the future, with our new artists.” Along with this, Kelly expresses that her biggest accomplishment as the E-Commerce director was building the SFWA online store during Covid. She says: “This allowed it to have an impact on the gallery’s reach, as well as their sustainability. It is rewarding to get our artists’ works out through the e-commerce platform to help connect them with art enthusiasts.”

“As an artist I try to express hope in my work. I want to evoke emotions, spark curiosity, and provoke thought. I want people to experience a sense of connection with my pieces.”

“I promote my work on Facebook, Instagram and TikTok. I am currently starting a Pinterest page and a YouTube channel for even more exposure.” She also has her own website which you can visit at “I post photos of my work and I make videos that show my creative process, as well as my work.”

“My journey to finding the passion for my artwork was shaped by a series of unique life experiences. My art is now a reflection of strength, hope, survival and love. I was lucky to have people along my journey that recognized and supported the artist in me and I am happy to do the same for my fellow artists.” 

“The purpose of my art is to share hope, love and strength. My color pallet is rich and full of life and depth. I sometimes add sculptural elements, lights, glass, and mirrors in my work to further reach out to the viewer. Through my art, I aim to inspire viewers to reflect on their own memories, and perspectives, fostering a deeper understanding of themselves and the world around them.”