Artist Spotlight- Suzane Beaubrun









Cynda, the Summer 2023 MYEEP Intern at SFWA Gallery, interviewed Suzane Beaubrun, the incoming Exhibitions Director and talented artist for SFWA. Cynda asked Suzane what she wishes to accomplish with this role; about her artistic practice; how she promotes herself; her passion for art  and its purpose:

“One of the things I really liked about this gallery [SFWA] is that they already have established outreach for inclusion… [and] I can continue the work that’s already been started.” Suzane states that she is mostly focused on getting the word out. “There are a lot of artists in the Bay Area who don’t know how to connect. I’d like to use that role to facilitate and strengthen more of those relationships.”

“I describe myself as a multimedia artist. I work in multiple disciplines. I like to emphasize being a trained metalsmith.” She explains that she likes to pull from the disciplines that she’s already studied and ones that she’s interested in now, as well as working more with digital work.

“I use FaceBook, and Instagram. I work with a couple of different galleries and we’ve been doing more with videos. Right now I’m focusing on working with QR codes.” She wants to bring more information to the viewers and the gallery. She also does a lot of fairs and workshops, and is trying to find a way to bring it all together. 

“I’ve always had a passion for [art], it’s something that I’ve seen my parents do. It’s always been a part of their lifestyle to be creative.” She expresses that she makes it a daily priority to practice.

“I do a lot of handcrafted, meditative art. I really like to encourage people to slow down, look at materials. It’s not necessarily about the message I’m trying to convey, but trying to get people to experience the piece for what it is.”