Adriana Camacho

Adriana Camacho – Le Boff

Born and raised in Colombia, South America, Adriana´s favorite activity as a child was drawing. After attending college in Bogotá she had the opportunity to take painting workshops which put her again on the path towards art.

Moving to San Francisco, where she has lived since 1996, she had the privilege to again follow her path of self-expression and healing. While attending City College ESL and Humanities classes, workshops at The Sharon Art Studio inspired Adriana to explore different mediums: film, ceramics, drawing, and finally painting, which is now her focus.

She has participated in collective exhibitions of ceramics and paintings throughout San Francisco and the Bay area, with a solo exhibit in Bogotá Colombia.

Her work has been recognized and awarded.

Artist Statement

“The invisible and intangible realm has always played an important part in my own exploration. While working with my pieces, the experience allows me to enter that realm.”