Allison Allesio

As a young artist growing up in Fresno, California, she always had a passion for creating. Spending
hours in her room sketching, trying to perfect her technique and capture the beauty of the world
around her. She thrived in math which led her to pursue a B.A. in Economics from UC San Diego.
She then received a Masters in Business Taxation from the University of Southern California. She
worked as a certified public accountant for years, knowing that she was not fulfilling her life purpose,
which was to create art. She got married and had three beautiful daughters and it wasnt until her
seven-year-old daughter reintroduced her to the love of art that she realized she needed to pursue
her original dream. She decided to pursue her artistic dreams by enrolling in the UC Berkeley
Extension program, taking night classes. It was there that she learned the technical skills necessary
to take her art to the next level, and she was able to truly hone her craft. She is devoted to traveling,
and the people she has met while exploring new corners of the world have inspired her as she works
on her paintings. Allison paints to capture the essence of a single moment and her paintings yearn to
recapture that connectedness and the emotions of those lost flashes in time. She approaches her
work authentically and brings her emotions, without censoring, into the studio.
Her main artistic inspiration comes from the great masters of the past, including Sorolla, Monet, and
Sargent. Their use of color and light has had a profound impact on her own work, and she strives to
incorporate those same techniques into her own paintings. Her medium of choice is oil paint, there’s
something about the texture and vibrancy of oils. In the end, though, it’s not about the medium or
the technique. It’s about capturing the beauty of the world around us, and bringing a little bit of that
beauty into people’s lives through our art. That’s what drives her as an artist, and it’s what will
continue to inspire her for years to come.