Beth Cataldo

Beth Cataldo is a San Francisco multimedia artist who has a passion for digital and traditional arts. She currently spends most of her time on photography but has also created movies, jewelry and drawings since she was in college, where she studied film.

As a certified California Naturalist, Winter Wildlife Docent at Point Reyes National Seashore and a volunteer at the Farallones Marine Sanctuary Association, she spends a lot of time observing the intricacies of the natural world. Her fascination with mammals, birds and citizen science is revealed in her photography. She tries to tell stories about environments and their inhabitants, documenting the interactions among species, including humans. Her goal is to capture the individuality of each living thing and how it interacts with others and its world.

She also made the 30-minute documentary “Ray Bandar: A Life with Skulls,” which was shown for three seasons on the Natural Heroes Series on PBS. It was integrated into the Skulls exhibit at the California Academy of Sciences, has been shown at film festivals throughout the country, and is available at the San Francisco Public Library.

Beth received the Best of Festival award – Documentary at the Berkeley Film and Video Festival and the Best Storytelling award at the International Wildlife Film Festival for this documentary.