Carlo Grünfeld

Carlo Grünfeld started-out drawing and coloring in San Francisco at the age of four years. He kept
going through his high-school years, and went on to major in art at Yale College. There he received
direct instruction in the interaction of color from Professor Richard Lytle, the protégé of the
eminent Josef Albers. After graduating with a bachelor’s degree concentration in graphic design, he
returned to SF and began doing design work for members of his local community, often pro bono. He
simultaneously began a career in teaching.
Over the past several decades, transitioning to fine art, Carlo enrolled in many figure-drawing classes
and workshops, took workshops from prominent watercolorists like John Hewitt, Michael Riordan,
and Frank Eber, and regularly practiced to improve his skills. His training culminated with five years
of study in painting the portrait with the late Bob Gerbracht.
Since 2010 Mr. Grünfeld has been instructing adults in basic drawing, watercolor, pastel, portrait
drawing, and figurative drawing and painting at the Sharon Art Studio, that old stone building in
Golden Gate Park near the carousel. He has exhibited at local galleries and studios, including at the
SF Women Artists Gallery.