Carol Moran









Carol Moran (aka Romo) is an artist who uses the camera as her tool, her paintbrush, as it were. She believes wonder and beauty can be found in most things if you change your perspective a little. Life is filled with color and light, harmony and grace. These things bring her joy and she tries to capture that in her work. Flowers are her main subject of choice, and getting up close and personal brings out the magic of the flowers; how light will illuminate the crystalline content of a petal or how it looks like movement is occurring, softening the lines and blurring the colors into a wonderful canvas of shapes that draw you into the image. Many of her images look like watercolors, with soft edges and colors flowing into one another in a gentle and pleasing way. She also loves experimenting with the abstract element of images, whether it is a natural occurrence due to the perspective, or playing around in Photoshop for true abstracted images. Carol has been creating images for over 15 years, mostly for her own pleasure, but decided in June of 2022 it was time to share these images with the world and with those that are drawn to them. She has decided that now, at the age of 63, it is time to make this her full-time gig and she is enjoying what each day brings her to see and play with. Magic can be found everywhere!