Chandler Lee

Chandler is a photographer living in San Francisco. He is fascinated by patterns on
land, water and manmade structures particularly unusual geographic formations
and architectural designs. He seeks out landscapes, waterscapes, urban scenes and
abstractions that are visually appealing and thought provoking.
Chandler has been taking photographs since 1978 and has been published in books
and periodicals. He has curated and staged eight exhibits of his work at galleries as
well as in buildings and public spaces in San Francisco and London. He was one of
the artists selected by the San Francisco Arts Commission to display his
photographs inside the SFPUC building in the San Francisco Civic Center.
Chandler studied urban geography at Middlebury College and UC Berkeley and
has been a professional city planner in the Bay Area for over 40 years. He served
as a consultant to help cities select, locate and install public art within new
development projects. His professional experience planning and designing new
public spaces and integrating public art within those spaces has informed his work
as an artist. Chandler’s favorite past time is traveling which he uses as an
inspiration for capturing images from around the world. Artist Website