Deena Smith

Deena’s passion for art and drive to create comes naturally through a long lineage of artists on her maternal side. Her mother was a highly skilled Ceramist, Painter, Weaver and Art Teacher who carefully guided Deena. Painting projects, art history lessons, weaving, and kick wheel throwing replaced dolls and dresses.

In her 20’s, Deena began to perform in and tour with various indie rock bands and continued honing her 2D art skills. Creatively thriving, she began to explore the deeper layers of herself and the collective, and immersed herself in training and practicing shamanism, energy healing, and metaphysics, developing a deep understanding of her psyche and how we collectively relate to the seen and unseen. Twenty years later when the touring and recording stopped, she dove into the safe harbor of her art, exploring her favorite mediums further.

Her early love of the lesser-known Impressions and Expressionists continued to drive her passion. Her art production waned due to the busy day in day out of her career in her 30’s and 40’s. She prioritized time to study the art in museums and galleries everywhere her travels took her. Soaking in the enormity of the art world created a flood of inspiration as she reached her 50’s of stored up ideas and projects. Since the sheltering in place orders in early 2020, she has crafted and curated her digital art portfolio from the library of her travel photography and cultural inspirations. She paints, photographs and designs seeking the connection and threads that tie us all together and as always, reaches for the inspirational edge of the art world.