Denise Richards

Denise Richards taught digital art at two different universities for 25 years. She was always frustrated by the fact that nothing on a computer is tactile. It can be simulated but it’s not real. She so missed working with texture that, upon retirement,  decided to concentrate exclusively on analog art, creating texture with compounds of various type, but also by building up shapes one on top of another. Color is also very important of course but her first priority is creating the under or overlying textures.


Denise has  lived in Mexico and Colombia part-time the last couple of years. Inspired by the ancient cultures of her adopted country, some of her work explores  pre-Hispanic iconography and reflects the textures and colors of the colonial buildings and indigenous ruins present around her. By combining paper, manufactured in the same way since before the conquest, with more modern substances, such as 2-part resin, transfers, acrylics, and plaster, she hopes to keep alive public awareness of native history and pay homage to the ancient souls whose presence she feels around her.