Elaine Pratt

Pratt’s training includes a University of Cincinnati’s College of Design, Art and Architecture Degree. Studying with Lois Tarlow, a Lee Krasner award winner, Pratt has won over 100 national and international awards, including a Clio and work held in the Smithsonian Collection, teaching design at Massachusetts College of Art and The Art Institute of Boston, judging award shows. Their Abstract Expressionist Oils, Encaustics, Digital Photography and Compositions, are engendered by their response to the world. 

Inspired by many things; nature, science, energy, and emotions. Working in various media, they bring an abstract graphic approach to their emotive gestural images. Creating for them is a highly focused meditative experience. Pratt’s inspirations are Turner, Frankenthaler, Van Gogh, Krasner and Rothko.

Through abstract art, Pratt embraces the happy accident, letting the image evolve and communicate to and for her. Pratt’s art connects to the viewer’s subconscious and conscious. The bright colors and evocative nature can be thoughtful or joyful. Themes important to Pratt are equity vs equality, women’s and environmental issues.

This series of original digital photography compositions have 30 – 100 layers of Pratt’s original photos in Photoshop. As an accomplished artist, she’s photographed millions of images. Now, using these textural, abstract photographs, they create art with nature as their paintbrush. Pratt gravitates toward the dramatic interplay of light on; cloud formations, mountains, trees, plants, rocks, and ripples on water. Layered and masked in Photoshop, she can distort and use them for texture, color and shape.