Guy Cohen

 I enjoy stone sculptures the most. I can see the whole universe in each piece. I enter in a relationship with each stone and through distinct phases we explore together the depth and quality of the wholeness of our relationship. The universe reflects my motives with the outmost precision, and I have to be honest to myself and others. I pick and select the tools and materials I work with intuitively and we must establish a relationship and common attraction. My current work is inspired by the mystic tradition. In each sculpture, I reveal elements of the creation and oneness. I am an intuitive artist and bring to my art the multi-cultural and multinational flair and experiences to which I have been exposed all my life. I use my past to create the future. I have the impression that my own soul merges with the stone I am carving and becomes a greater self, true nature. I am able to remove all undesirable thoughts and tendencies and I project into my sculptures a dimension of my senses and feelings in a very organic way that imbues my art with a remarkable wisdom, wholeness, peace and fulfillment.