Haewon Rea Shin

I would characterize my work as Textures and Patterns with the running subject matter of ‘Life.’  I’m an abstract and watercolor painter living and working in San Francisco, CA. I was inspired to be an abstract painter because I love expressing ideas by combining definite and abstract shapes, colors, and textures from my perspective through my lens. I am grateful when people can ‘Understand’ what I express in my works without judgment; ‘Freedom’ attracts us to the abstract arts. I usually do not have a plan or set ideas when I begin a piece. Instead, I follow my instincts and emotions, pouring them on the canvas.  I use oil paints and acrylics with mixed media such as resin, metal, and concrete. It creates a visual interpretation of my thoughts. My first influence was Jackson Pollock, who I admire for his passion and energy, and Mark Rothko and Franz Kline also inspire me.