Ilina Todorova-moreno

Art brings light into the disabling darkness caused by her stroke. Ilina Moreno is an artist with an indomitable passion for art. By vocation, she is a PH.D. Psychologist, who taught and practiced psychology for over thirty years, both in Europe and in the United States. After her massive stroke fourteen years ago which left her paralyzed, she returned with fierce passion to creating art, which she had longed to do all her life. She has been experimenting with different mediums to best represent her new grotesque inner-world full of unique states and experiences. Ilina has been working on a book manuscript which will be titled “Dancing with the Elephant Within,” which will be illustrated with her paintings and color drawings.

Ilina Todorova-Moreno has exhibited her artwork at the deYoung Museum Art Slam exhibit for disabled artists in 2013, and the Ability Expo in 2015.

“My painting motives now, in this broken agonizing aftermath and isolated life in senior homes and hospitals, come from both- the colorful world outside where I do not feel I belong anymore, and from my world inside, with the abundance of grotesque internal images and sensations flooding my soul, mind and body.”