Janice Rumbaugh

Janice Rumbaugh, San Francisco regional artist, designer and gallerist, has sought to imbue her life with the belief that art is to be lived. The process of creativity is symbiotic, with synergetic relationships with all of life’s events, from the mundane to the spiritual. When she walked into Vorpal Gallery when she was nineteen, saw images by M.C. Escher and Jesse Allen for the first time, and heard the flute music of Paul Horn, she knew that she was in synchronicity with this life path.

Most currently, she has studied under Vanessa Gingold with the CCSF printmakers at Fort Mason. She has a BA in Fine Art, with an emphasis in Conceptual and Information Art from SFSU. She studied under Mario LaPlante, internationally recognized printmaker and book artist, as well as under Paula Levine and Steve Wilson, both nationally regarded artists, and mentors in the SFSU CIA department. Her additional studies and interest in Asian Art and contemporary Japanese and Chinese urban life have informed her work, as have her travels in Japan, China, Bali, Ireland and New Mexico.

Her background, studies and accomplishments span numerous media: printmaking; jewelry fabrication and design; collage / assemblage; digital art and photography; installation; art to wear fashion; and, interior furnishings.

She is passionate about SF Bay Area non-profit arts organizations and the vital role they play in our community; since 2005, she has been the SFWA Gallery Director.

Currently, she designs custom jewelry for clients, suitable for professional and personal presentation giving, under her label Rumba Art Designs. Her works are regularly presented to individuals in Europe, the Middle East, Asia, and across the United States. She has been the owner of two galleries: Gallery 1051, San Francisco; and, Rumba Collection, Burlingame and Half Moon Bay locations. Her art to wear designs have been featured in galleries and boutiques from Carmel to Marin, including: Virginia Brier; Obiko; and Meyer Brier Weiss.

Influences include: Yves Tanguy; Pat Steir; Robert Rauschenberg; Vanessa Gingold; Shahzia Sikander; David Hockney; Yayoi Kusama; Xavier Viramontes; Kathan Brown; Elizabeth Murray; John Cage; and, numerous  Bay Area contemporary printmakers.

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