Jay Ramakrishnan

Drawing, painting and experimenting with different mediums has long been a passion for Jay. Her idea has been to breathe life into memories collected by playing with different colors, shapes, compositions, and textures, in order to evoke a message of energy, movement, stillness or balance.
As always life had other plans but after 20 plus years in the corporate world and raising two (now adult) children it was time to rekindle the passion for art and follow it to wherever it leads. Life is a journey’s and hers took her across five different continents to Asia, North America, South America, Europe and Africa. Now recently settled in the Bay area from the Boston area it was time to continue exploring that passion.
Sparked by a lifelong quest for peace her paintings reflect her journeys both inside and out. Her art is not just about physical places, they are also a reflection of this lifelong quest of understanding oneself and reflecting that back through one’s art.  Artist Website LINK