Jill Hoefgen

I seek out intersections of lines, a sliver of light, a reflection, shadows, a blink of color. I observe the ways branches of a tree create an abstract composition, or an abandoned toy on the street tells a story. I am interested in the hidden, the unnoticed, the fleeting pensive moment. Most people share only a fragment of their thoughts through words, and I try to connect the imaginations of the personal and secret to the hidden and unseen world.

I often gather pods or seeds or cracked-open nuts for inspiration in my paintings. Many of my paintings are inspired by life within a life, or the secrets one carries for a lifetime. Recently I have become interested in the monochromatic ocean waters and layers of colors and light in landscapes.

Photography, for me, is about vigilant observation. I have noticed glimpses of humanity while strolling down unfamiliar streets. I love to photograph the random, the simple, yet intriguing abandoned or lost artifacts along the way. Similarly, I try to find tiny spaces of beauty in the reflection of a droplet of rainwater falling from a branch, or layers of graffiti that together create a new composition.

While I rely on observation in the natural world and found objects for inspiration, I am inspired by the works of Georgia O’Keefe, Frida Kahlo, Imogene Cunningham, Paul Strand, and William Eggleston.  Artist Website LINK