Judith Thompson

Judith’s work often consists of layers of paint and paper applied intuitively to the canvas and then scraped back to reveal images that reflect a place, an emotion, a memory, the passage of time. A peek into the layers might uncover a thread of common experience or a place beyond worldly cares. It might evoke a peaceful simpler time or a wistful memory; bird sounds in our back yards, picnics in parks, walks through cities or forests. With no agenda for what the painting will ultimately be, She pays attention to feelings the painting awakens and follows the direction it leads. At times the images of the birds mirror her own feelings, thoughts and experiences: Nostalgia, surprise, joy, whimsy, disappointment, optimism. Sometimes she endows the birds with human features to accent our commonality. She also paints these images as a way of reminding us that our birds are vanishing. We have 3 BILLION fewer birds in North American than we had 50 years ago and extinction now threatens even the common and abundant birds we used to find in our everyday environment. Observing our fellow creatures is a constant shared experience which she tries to capture and preserve in her own way, as our wildlife habitats recede.  

Judith majored in Art in college. Junior year she attended the Ecole des Beaux Arts in Paris. Later in life she attended Architecture school. Although she sporadically pursued her interest in painting and drawing over the years, she has recently returned to painting full time and set up her studio in Telegraph Hill, overlooking the San Francisco Bay. 
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