Judy Barnett

Judy Barnett lives in Larkspur. She was born in rural Pennsylvania – two
long and one short – on the party phone line. She went to one room school
houses until the age of thirteen when the family moved to the mid-West.

On her 9th birthday she received a knitting spool for a birthday present
and was hooked on art. She has a degree in Social Work from the University
of Missouri. Judy came to California to find fame and fortune in 1967.
However, finding neither, she is very happy being retired and taking art

Judy artwork consists of jewelry and sculpture – fiber sculpture as well as
metal and wire. She has exhibited at the San Francisco Women’s Art Gallery,
Marin Society of Artists, Marin Museum of Contemporary Art, Berkeley Art
Center and Expressions Gallery in Berkeley.

She has been juried into the Marin County Fair Fine Art Division, Marin
Society of Art Sculpture Show, and has a wall full of ribbons from the Marin
County Fair Fine Art, Chair and Craft entries. She donates an altered book
each year for the Marin Museum of Contemporary Art fundraiser.

When she is not making art, you will find her in the garden or playing with
her 4 year old granddaughter in San Francisco at all of the art museums.

Website here.