Karen Coggeshall

Growing up in a creative “do-it-yourself” family, Karen Coggeshall was engaged in ongoing Arts & Crafts projects throughout her childhood. As a teenager, she designed and made her own clothing, which led to a serious study of Fashion Design at the University of Washington and an early career in a clothing company in San Francisco. As an Assistant Merchandiser, she coordinated fabric & trims, costing, pattern engineering and production specs. Her Freelance work included custom faux finishing, stenciling, hand-painted furniture and sewing projects. Later, as a partner in a family-owned software company, she focused on graphic design, presentations, technical drawings, research and databases. After years of “making a living” on a computer, Karen’s lifelong passion for Art compelled her to return to school at CCSF to study painting, drawing and printmaking. Integrating her talents in design, crafts, fashion and decorative arts with her technical skills in Fine Art Printmaking has resulted in a unique body of work.

See Karen’s website at www.studioksc.com