Kathy Fujii-oka

Fujii-Oka received her fine art degree from UC Berkeley with high honors. From an early age she found inspiration and deep resonance in the offerings of nature. She is highly influenced by Master Painter, “Hokusai”. Embracing Japanese aesthetics, history and culture, a reflection of her being to create distinctive works of art. Working with paint, textiles, mixed media, and creating large-scale installations, her interdisciplinary work investigates themes of incarceration, immigration, culture, identity, and spirituality. All a birthplace of healing as her emotional voice and her ancestors find expression.

Recently seven of her images were licensed by the Grand Teton Music Festival in Wyoming for Puccini’s Madame Butterfly Opera in the month of August of 2023. Her work will be projected along with renowned 20th-century masterworks of Chiura Obata.

Through her research and work, she expands on her spiritual process and practice of meditation, which assists her to make art that heals.