Linda Maldonado

Linda Maldonado a native San Franciscan is a Jewelry Designer/maker. I have always been interested in creating things. As a small child I used to sit on the front stairs with my grandma and learn how to sew doll clothes with a hand crank sewing machine. She would also teach me to crochet while listening to her stories of her childhood in Mexico. As I got older I would sew outfits for concerts that I would go to as a teenager. I also played Violin and loved Art classes.

I married had kids and went on Saturdays to Skyline College for Jewelry class. The teacher I had was my mentor. A Sculptor, Painter, Jewelry maker. I learned Casting and Fabricating in metal. We experimented in very organic forms, casting anything from Banana peels to pouring hot molten metal over ice and old brooms in water to create forms. It was great fun.

Over the years I learned other techniques at more workshop classes at City College, Revere Academy, Richmond Art Center and Sharon Art Center. Fold Form, Granulation, Enameling, Riveting and currently Repousse, a Sculptural form of working from the back side, pushing the metal out then working from the front side, chasing and defining lines. While still working a regular 9-5 job I also practice the Art of Tia Chi which bring focus, health and clarity. All in the balance of Life.