Linda Matson

Linda L. Matson is a ceramic artist in San Francisco. When she was 9 years old, she discovered some clay in a riverbed at the family cabin. She dug some out, brought it back to the cabin and made some tiny vases which dried on the windowsills. Many years later, she took an evening ceramics class at the San Francisco Jewish Community Center. As soon as she touched the clay, she was hooked! Over the years, she took classes at The Berkeley Potters Studio, Sharon Arts Studio and San Francisco City College. After leaving the corporate world, Linda is finally able to commit her time and devotion to playing and working with clay. She now has studio space at 1890 Bryant Street. Linda creates forms and vessels that combine beauty and functionality. She is inspired and awed by the natural world. She often adorns surfaces and creates forms with abstract images of birds, animals, plants, and fish. Sculptural elements focus on balance. These unique images and elements are combined in ways that convey connection and joy.