Linda True

Linda True is an enigma in the world of visual storytelling. Driven to find sense and beauty in chaos, her love of photography, jewelry, and mashed-up mediums makes her something of an artventurer.

A self-taught shutterbug, Linda captures the world as she sees it – through wonderment. By uncovering the whimsical magic of small, fleeting moments in life, her lens opens portals that most are too busy to notice.

A stone hound, Linda designs her jewelry using silver, gems, and the guidance of the raw materials. Inspired by the powerful simplicity of nature, her hands uncover a different facet of elemental beauty and grace.

Encouraged by playful fearlessness, Linda enjoys creative destruction and the uncertain outcome of pairing different things together. She continues to freely experiment with resin, bead work, metal stamping & embroidery, and leather working.

Follow Linda’s artventure life in the Story Highlights of her Instagram page at True_Musings.