Mae Perlson

Mae Perlson a Bay Area based artist, was born in the Philippines. She moved to New Jersey at the age of nine and went to college at NJCU, where she studied graphics and communication. After moving to San Francisco, Mae joined City Art Gallery in 2004, where she exhibited for the first time. Now, she lives in San Mateo with her husband and daughter.


Over the years, Mae’s art has evolved. During her college years, she was influenced by artists like Magritte, Dali, and Warhol. Her style is surrealism with a touch of graphics. She’s been working with oils often and currently dabbling in encaustic painting. While she likes surrealism, she’s also experimenting with abstract impressionism by playing with drips, splatters, stenciling, and other techniques. She’s at an intersection of her life where she tries to combine her realism and abstraction.


Currently, Mae isn’t working as much. She wants to focus on her artistic endeavors and get back into exhibiting. She’s looking for an environment where she’ll be inspired and grow as an artist.