Mandy Bankson

Mandy Bankson was raised in Indiana where she roamed the woods around her house and fell
in love with the patterns and colors of trees and plants. From an early age, she was
encouraged to paint and draw in her mother’s art studio. After 20 years teaching special
education students in an urban area, she moved to a rural home with a large garden, fruit trees
and a studio in the backyard. Although seemingly unrelated, the persistence, passion and
patience that she needed for teaching, she brings to her abstract art practice.

Largely self-taught, Mandy has dedicated herself to painting for 30 years. She studied under
three artists who influenced her: Robert Rice, Nicholas Wilton and Jeremy Morgan. Beyond
learning art fundamentals, she was also encouraged to experiment and discover her own
voice. Still drawn to the power of color and design, she is interested in expressing movement
and depth which speaks to the complexity and mystery of life. She enjoys acrylics and mixed
media which allow her the freedom to improvise and paint intuitively.

She regularly shows in local art exhibits and is represented by Corricks Art Gallery and Lori
Austin Gallery. She participates in Sonoma County Art Trails Open Studios.

You can see more of her work on her website