Meghan Macleod

Meghan Lewis MacLeod is an American, mixed media, abstract artist and photographer exploring transpersonal terrains where unseen influence and inspiration take shape. Granddaughter to a milliner who studied in Paris and immigrated to Illinois from Moravia, with a photojournalist grandfather whose roots in the Scottish Highlands have a stronghold on her heart.

Ansel Adam’s apprentice, photographer Johnathon Russell, was Meghan’s first formal art instructor before her eighteenth birthday. Born outside of Detroit, she ventured to the University of Michigan School of Art to study mixed media and clinical psychology.  Concurrent to completing her doctorate at the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology specializing in perinatal mental health through the lens of expressive arts and energy medicine, she worked for the former Dean of the California College of the Arts, renowned feminist artist, Suzanne Lacy, as her public and fine art business assistant. Later Meghan became a perinatal art therapist, birth care professional, and Founding Executive Director of the Oakland, CA based nonprofit, the LGBTQ Perinatal Wellness Center.

At long last, Meghan stepped in front of the easel in her very own studio in the fall of ‘22 and in under two months became an award winning, published, national exhibiting artist with a textile contract and two commissions in the works. Meghan is always delighted to delve into her abstract painting practice wherein time seems to simultaneously stand still and fly by. In a creative, semi-trance of heightened anticipation, she mixes and moves pigment across birch panels and with a combined sense of wonder and euphoria, depicts vibrant arrays of rhythms in color. Website