Negin Lotfi

Negin Lotfi is currently a Bay Area based artist and painter.  What I find interesting about art is its diversity. I am told that the work of an artist is to find their style, replicate it, and enhance it. I disagree. I grew up in Iran: an ancient country and culture that has seen many artistic shifts. I myself lived through revolution and war before immigrating to California. Being in a country as young as the U.S. with so much diversity was a big change for me as I processed the pitfalls and fluctuations in my life. Creating art has been my constant. Instead of replicating my “style,” I strive to make each piece unique and beautiful. I believe my work as an artist is to make each piece captivating yet different from the last. My art reflects my tumultuous life and has helped me process every change and dilemma. Through my art, I navigate my crowded mind and give myself direction. My most enjoyable challenge is making my art and life process beautiful for myself and others.