Nimisha Doongarwal


I am an Indian immigrant, moved to the States in 2007 for a Masters’s in Computer Science. My mom is an Artist and for years I learned to paint and draw by copying her painting, but I grew to become an engineer by profession and currently work as an Engineering Manager at Zendesk. In 2014, I wanted to learn art history and art psychology, so I joined continuing studies at Stanford University. I continued this art journey by enrolling in MFA at the Academy of Arts University. My works are inspired by my surroundings and the idea of finding my own identity as a global citizen. 

My art is a journey of self-discovery, combining the vibrant hues, textures, and patterns of my Indian heritage with the contemporary world me. Through portraiture and landscapes, I aim to bridge the gap between my roots and the present, crafting an identity as a global citizen.

Drawing inspiration from the rich culture of my Indian heritage, I strive to bring its essence on canvas. Each portrait goes beyond physical features, delving into the soul and narrating stories of resilience, traditions, and timeless wisdom. With every brushstroke, I honor the beauty and diversity of my heritage, keeping it alive amidst a rapidly changing world.

While rooted in tradition, my landscapes manifest a world of my imagination, where cultures converge, celebrating the unity of humanity. At times, I liberate myself from the constraints of conventionality, embracing the pure joy of creation. Colors dance, textures converse, and patterns enchant without the burden of analysis. In these moments, I reconnect with the childlike wonder that ignited my artistic passion—an exuberant expression of life, free of inhibition and full of joy.

I have been featured in over 32 publications and magazines including Forbes, Maake magazine, and Artmarket magazine. And have exhibited in over 80 group and solo exhibits which includes the DeYoung Museum, San Francisco International Airport, UCSF Women’s Hospital, Gallery RouteOne, San Mateo City Hall, San Mateo Library, Museum of Northern California, Burningman, and Brown University.

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