Pam Drake

Pam Drake is a California based artist. With inspiration from the tiniest wild flower to vast
hillsides, Pam’s observations of nature are transformed into color, texture and line to create
harmony in her paintings. She uses a variety of medium and layers of paint to create depth
in her work. Each piece, whether abstract or representational, is intended to bring joy to the
From a very young age, fine art has been a part of Pam’s life. She remembers taking art
lessons at almost every stage. Pam was a Communications major at the University of
Michigan but also studied fine art and art history. She began selling her work and having
private shows in Boston, MA, following college. After getting married, Pam and her husband
moved to the San Francisco Bay Area and raised 2 children. After a 32 year career in sales
and marketing at a Fortune 100 company, Pam retired to focus on her art work.
Pam realizes art is very personal to the viewer, but hopes her work will connect with you
and bring joy to your heart