Pamela Rhodes

Pamela Rhodes, is the founder and director of ARTroads. She believes that everyone is capable of seeing the world that surrounds us and is also capable of transposing that vision onto paper and canvas. She has worked as a technical illustrator and directed a corporate audio visual department. She graduated from CUNY Baruch College, with a business degree and a major in advertising, Santa Clara University with a law degree and then transitioned into financial planning.

She has pursued her own art education through numerous classes at San Francisco State, the Academy of Sciences and under the tutelage of professional artists, most notably and inspirationally, Bob Gerbracht.

She is a skilled portrait and landscape artist and her graphite, colored pencil and watercolor work is owned by clients throughout the US, Mexico and England. She has taught drawing, portrait and watercolor classes for numerous organizations and in workshops in Italy, Mexico and the States. Her signature class, “Learning to Draw so You can Paint”, is offered year round in San Francisco, annually in Mexico and as an essential part of the Tuscany Drawing and Watercolor Workshop each autumn. She recently completed three large murals in Baja and the Yucatan.

Pamela is a patient and prepared instructor. She provides the tools and techniques that allow each student to develop their drawing skills. She is committed to the goal of having each of us really see all that surrounds us and drawing and painting those treasures that we see. She believes that the skill of seeing, combined with the practice of drawing, results in the excitement of expression.

Her artwork and programs can be viewed at