Pascale Couderc

Pascale Couderc, a French-born artist with a background in Archaeology, discovered at an early age her passion for glass as a medium for self-expression during her extensive travels throughout Europe, particularly in Italy, where she found inspiration in the exquisite glass work of Murano artists.

This initial spark laid the foundation for her artistic journey, which further evolved upon her move to California when she delved into the world of Glass Fusing.

For Pascale, art is a powerful connector, serving as a bridge between individuals. She views her glass vessels not merely as containers but as symbolic links for displaying, carrying, sharing, or offering food.

These vessels, in her perspective, also serve as metaphors connecting people across cultures and generations. Drawing deep inspiration from the captivating beauty of the California Coast, Pascale’s artistic narrative unfolds from the expansive ocean to the intricate details of the coastline.

Her work reflects the rich and diverse fauna of the region, constantly seeking a natural blueprint within the vibrant tapestry of her surroundings. In each piece, Pascale Couderc aspires to convey the profound connection between art, nature, and the shared human experience.. Her artistic process is a continuous exploration, capturing the essence of the dynamic landscape around her. Through her glass work, she invites viewers on a visual journey, experiencing the harmonious interplay between the raw beauty of the natural world and the delicate artistry of glass.