Roz Della giordano

Artist Statement

Billions of cameras taking billions of pictures. How does an artist separate himself from this overwhelming hoard of images? I ask myself that question every time I take an image. What do I see that others have missed? The way the light falls on a landscape, a design hidden within the mundane, a wall where I can place my subjects for a portrait?

As a medium film based artist I love the sense of accomplishment in exposing my negatives in a process defined by 40 years of practice to produce negatives that bring the full tonal range possible when silver reacts to light. I love the uniqueness of each individual print slightly different then the one I made just minutes before, a subtlety so small but still there.

As a Fine Art photographer I consider myself an Aesthetic artist, rarely a social commentary, no documentation of life’s trials, just the beauty of the process brought to it’s fullest. I would call myself primarily a landscape artists however “right time at the right place” is always a part of that process. My genre work is more creative for me and fun to do, as here are the truly “found” images. I also enjoy portraiture but still not sure where they fit into things as far as audience.

Never being a “series” artist I am however beginning to work inside San Francisco in an attempt to use my landscape approach to the city’s landscape working in B & W.