Shubha Prithviraj

I have always been interested in arts and crafts from my childhood days. I started painting with watercolors when I started my job as a Software Engineer in Bangalore, India. As the responsibilities grew in my career, I moved away from creating art. After moving the the Bay Area, I made time to create acrylic paintings over the weekends. Over the years I developed new skills by learning from renowned artists in painting and photography

I have a deep passion for capturing beautiful moments through my camera lens. I love traveling and most of my paintings are inspired by the photos I have taken during my travels. I love painting floral, realistic still life, and landscape
Engaging in artistic pursuits during the weekends is a powerful source of positive energy for me, helping me navigate the demands of my tech career. The act of creating art serves as a rejuvenating and fulfilling counterbalance to my busy schedule.

I find fulfillment in fostering artistic involvement within the community. I have served as the President of the Fine Arts League (FALC) for 3 years and am presently an exhibiting artist. With regular interactions with artists, I am improving my skills in bringing my creative thoughts into exhibiting works.

Through my artwork, I aim to convey the beauty and vibrancy of the world, inviting viewers to immerse themselves in its colorful richness.