Tachina Rudman-young

Tachina Rudman-Young, is a San Francisco native, an artist, and Creativity Facilitator. She is the innovator of Creativity Works!©, personal & creative growth. Tachina specializes in working with people with a wide range of needs, spanning from those wanting to recover from serious trauma, to those wishing to access unexplored parts of themselves in order to lead more fully integrated and fulfilled lives. In both her own art and her teaching, she integrates her background in movement and art, using a whole-body-breath approach to the art-making process.

Tachina uses a playful, intuitive approach to create large, vibrant abstract paintings. Drawing inspiration from nature, and informed by her background in ceramics, she infuses her canvases with super pumped-up, saturated color, over layers of interesting textural background. Anything from broken forks, bubble wrap, pencil shavings, to old toothbrushes might find their way onto her canvases.

Before painting, Tachina worked primarily with the figure in clay, and showed her work in various juried and group shows throughout the Bay Area. An exhibiting member of ACGA (Association of Clay and Glass Artist of California) since 2004, she received two BA’s from San Francisco State University: Fine Arts (Ceramics) and Dance (Performance, Education, Ethnology). Tachina is committed to the use of art and movement as a means to joy, self-empowerment, and healing through self-expression.
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