Tanya Lin

Tanya Lin, an artist based in California, has been immersed in the arts from an early age.
Educationally, Tanya had an unconventional route into the arts. Initially delving into laser and fiber
optics, she later found her true calling in holography. She pursued a Baccalaureate program at the
City University of New York, majoring in Studio Art with a focus on holography. During this time, Tanya
attended classes at The School of Visual Arts and participated in workshops at The Museum of
Holography. This period was marked by rigorous academic training in arts and holography.
In her artistic endeavors, Tanya Lin works with various mediums, including photography, x-ray
photography, holography, 3D printing, kinetic assemblage, and virtual reality. She approaches her
work with a degree of experimentation, integrating different elements to create pieces that are both
intriguing and meaningful.
Tanya’s portfolio encompasses several projects, such as the black and white photography series
titled “In Search of Fertility”, and the x-ray project “Personal Archaeology – Remembrance”. She has
also created a series of virtual reality paintings named “The Garden of No” and “All About You”.
Thematically, her work often revolves around subjects like hope, loss, remembrance, feminism, and
current events. Through her art, Tanya aims to communicate emotions and reflections on various
aspects of human experience.
Tanya Lin has exhibited her work primarily in the Bay Area and is gradually expanding to other
regions. She has received several accolades, including the Excellence Award from the Annual Art
Guild of Pacifica in 2010 and 2020, and the Merit Award from Arts on Fire VIII Sanchez Art Center in
She currently serves on the board of the Peninsula Chapter of Women’s Caucus for Art, a national
organization for women in the visual arts.
For further details on Tanya Lin’s exhibitions, awards, and to view her work, please visit her website
Contact: tanyalin@fastmail.com, 650-274-7343