Tiffany Conway


Tiffany’s visual paintings are the break of generational curses and the door to beautiful beginnings. Tiffany overcame stereotypes and an absent mother due to addiction and began speaking life to herself first. Raised in the Bay Area, California by her father and stepmother, Tiffany grew her creativity from life experiences.

Her college career studying at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco and the Peralta Colleges of Alameda County came to a halt due to life happenings outside of her control. A setback birthed a purpose that changed the trajectory of Tiffany’s life for the better. Seeing the beauty and struggle of the human experience was the driving force behind a new declaration, to see and make visual the beauty and struggle of her experiences.

Using her life’s adversity as a creative mechanism, Tiffany cultivated Project Get Free the Coloring Book for Navigating the Diaspora in 2016. This coloring book was a response to song lyrics transformed into a “visual journal”. This was the beginning of a journey of restoration, finding her voice and purpose. These visual “conversations with self” birthed a motivation to showcase her art in several exhibitions including “Right Here, Right Now Richmond” at the Richmond Art Center and the “Black Brilliance” at Macy’s Union Square in San Francisco.

While using color as her primary vehicle in terms of language, her work displays the beauty of others, but what lies behind that initial layer are parts of her personal story of evolution. Her mission is to heal women through her paintings by displaying them as seen, soft, and resilient.

Recently, Tiffany Conway won an Artistic Achievement Award for the 2020 exhibition entitled, “The Art of the African Diaspora” at The Richmond Art Center in Richmond California. Tiffany continues to stimulate conversations and awakenings through her work.