Tom Schwabenlender

Tom Schwabenlender has been influenced by many artists, from Renaissance painters and sculptors to currently working artists, with special attention given to the Impressionists. His style may at times come across as Impressionistic with a surreal element. Tom uses acrylic paints for their convenience, rather than oils, and he attempt to make them look as rich as oils by using texture, thickening mediums, brush strokes, and mixing of colors. Much of his inspiration comes from what he sees in his environment, so naturally San Francisco street scenes are a large part of his body of work, although he also enjoys figure drawing, portraiture, and mural painting. Tom has painted some large murals, outdoors and indoors, for businesses and private residences. He aims to make each painting represent a special and unique experience that is an alteration of literal reality, based on the feelings and impressions gained from observing the subject.

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