Tomye: Living Artist, tagged herself with a notable conviction that people should support Visual Artists while they live. Visitors, who allow time to engage with her after looking at her gouache paintings and fused slumped glass, will feel her passionate advocacy.

The Artist has obtained her BFA, MFA, and many life skills.  Since 1972, her Graphics and Fine Art have been commissioned, published in magazines, have become creations of public art, and collected. Her Artworks as she speaks of them “are on a scale of lighthearted to puncturing comfort zones”. Her artistic prowess includes calligraphy, framing, ink rendering, mold making,  painting, stained glass, and fused slumped glass. Tomye has ventured into experimental approaches with combining upcycled glass- including wine bottles, beer bottles, stained glass and bulls-eye glass. This unique combination emerges as ‘what-nots’ for interior objects to adorn windows, sculptural portraits, wearable art, and more.

She has received several Municipal and Individual grants along the way. As a Visual Arts Specialist she teaches youth and adults, especially teachers. What Tomye shares as an exceptionally talented Visual Artist, Arts Program Administrator, Exhibition Curator, and Workshop Facilitator are distinctive viewpoints that enrich the universal lexicon. She continues contributing to the community as a member of various art organizations, as an Advisory Committee Member assisting non-profits and a Mentor of Artists.