Wo Schiffman

Artist Statement

My art practice is inspired by land and sea explorations from the Arctic Circle to the Great Barrier Reef. Blue water sailing and hiking across various landscapes has provided the palette and motivation to expand and abstract these vistas. As an oil, acrylic and casein painter, I work with natural ground pigments on wood, canvas and washi paper. My work focuses on presenting colors, textures and unusual perspectives in abstract land & seascapes.


Trained in oil, ink, and encaustic, Wo works primarily on wood, canvas, and paper. As the daughter of NASA Scientists, her education explored not only art but questions in Physics and Philosophy. Wo holds a BA in Philosophy (summa cum laude) JCU, with concentrated atelier art study in Scandinavia and the US including the Art Students League of NY, Cleveland Institute of Art, and SF State University. Her inspiration is drawn from sailing and land travel in natural environments across six continents. Wo’s work has been exhibited in the Marin Museum of Contemporary Art, New York Hall of Science Museum,