Member Call for Entries : June Gallery Exhibit



Entry Deadline: MAY 1
Show: JUNE 1 – 25


SFWA members are invited to submit up to 3 entries to our June Gallery exhibition. The theme for this show is ART MATTERS. We invite works of yours that reflect your belief that Arts matter.  Arts matter because they are our most expressive forms of sharing. The Arts matter because they allow an individual a platform to express their unique creativity to/with the world. Is it the beauty, truth, or wonder expressed in your piece? Or is it something particular to your artistic sensibility? The artist’s role is a humanizing one – encompassing all forms of expression. So, choose artwork that you believe can “move” one in the ways only Art can do, showing that your answer to ‘Does Art Matter’? is YES! .

JUROR: Elena Gross, Curatorial Manager of Exhibitions and Emerging Artists Program, Museum of the African Diaspora


SUBMISSIONS:  4/10/21 – 5/1/21.
                           No work submitted outside of that period will be considered.
                           All submissions must be done online.

NOTIFICATION*:   Email by Friday, May  6th  

ART DROP OFF:     Friday, May 28th, from 11:30 AM – 3:00 PM
                                    Saturday, May 29th from 11:30 AM – 3:00 PM

EXHIBITION:           June 1st – June 25th, 2021

WALL ART SIZE LIMIT: Maximum width for show submissions is 50 inches, INCLUDING FRAME. *Contact the gallery to request an exception for the width limit.


  • Standing sculpture must have a flat base & fit securely onto a 16×16″ pedestal base.
  • Bas relief works need to be gallery ready for installation
  • For free-standing sculpture, contact the gallery prior to submission 
  • Fragile or unstable pieces will not be accepted at gallery receiving

FEES: Entry fee is $30 for up to 3 entries. Fees must be paid online at time of submission. Fee payment does not guarantee that any/all artworks submitted for jurying will be included in this exhibition.

HANGING REQUIREMENT: All artwork must be ready to install with hanging wire The wire should be low enough to be hung without the hanging hook showing above the frame, and just loose enough for the wire to be pulled over the hook. NO SAWTOOTH HANGERS! Note: any work that requires special installation (i.e. wood or metal prints) must have gallery approval in advance. Please review the Hanging Instructions and the Wall Art Receiving Check List

ARTWORK: SFWA cannot accept responsibility for damage incurred to art that is vulnerable or fragile (i.e. unprotected photographs; prints on metal, wood or acrylic; or other specialty art.)

PRICING: It is important to price your artwork appropriately; prices that are too high or too low impact the credibility of our gallery and the artist. Here are three helpful links for setting prices:, Xanadu Gallery podcast on pricing and

Note: Once the Submission Deadline has passed, you will not be able to adjust artwork title, medium, or price by contacting SFWA. Give yourself time to think it through, or get advice, especially on the price, before the deadline. If your normal medium is not listed, please let us know and we will add it in as a category.


*For complex or special art processes: Use the ‘Notes’ section in Smarter Entry to describe unusual or complex process, techniques, or materials used in your artwork. This aids the gallery staff in discussing and selling your work. Mixed media and encaustic artworks, for example, may benefit from more description of their process.

* IMPORTANT: Acceptance by the juror does not guarantee acceptance by the gallery. Please be sure to read the HANGING INSTRUCTIONS and the Wall Art Receiving Check List before bringing art to the gallery.

  • Liability: SFWA does not insure for damage or theft of any works shown in the Gallery.