Nina Goldfeather


Nina has been a San Francisco sculptor for almost 25 years. Each piece she creates is one of a kind, modeled from life. Each represents a special relationship between sculptor and model, however brief. Each raku finish is different; the exact combination of elements can never be duplicated. Each sculpture has its own heart and soul, uniquely understood by the viewer. 

Recently, Nina was interviewed by Madison Lew. Here are some questions that are featured from the session.

Q: How did you get started as an artist?

I had never taken any art classes before but when I took a sculpture class with Harriet Moore, that is when it all started.

Q: What message do you think your art is giving?

It’s focusing on the beauty of the human body and I want it to feel alive. 

Q: Are you currently working on something?

Oh, Always! I am a part of a sculpture cooperative studio, and twice a week we work with a live model. If I am not working on something at the studio, then I am always working at home. I transport the sculptures to my home to complete them, before returning the works to the cooperative for firing. 

Interview and photo by: Madison Lew, SFWA Summer Intern 2019