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Today, we are more than ever in need of the unique powers of art and its artists to recreate unifying bonds among all people by imagining, reflecting, and thereby connecting to a shared human experience.

For over a century, the support of our SFWA community, donors, and patrons has enabled SFWA to expand the representation of women in the arts, to inspire young artists, and to continue an historic role in the Bay Area arts community. Without this commitment, we would not be able to develop our outreach programs, mentor student interns, or host exhibitions and special events that help foster a closer relationship between our artists and our public.

Making an investment now, will further enable SFWA to continue promoting our artists, producing community art projects, inspiring local youth, and enriching the Bay Area arts community with meaningful artwork exhibited in our beautiful and professional gallery. Through the unique powers of creativity to enrich lives, art connects us, providing inspiration, appreciation and hope.



SFWA is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) arts organization. #94 1231003. Thank you for supporting SFWA.